Webinar: A New Concept in Semiconductor Material/Device Characterization Combining DC and AC Sourcing and Measuring

Traditionally, material/device characterization applications have required a combination of specialized DC and AC instruments often  resulting in complicated setups. Such setups often employ long cables between instruments and the sample, and as channel counts increase, so do the challenges of minimizing system noise and ensuring channel-to-channel timing and reference frequency synchronization. This  webinar held in conjunction with AZoNetwork details a new approach: the use of a highly synchronized, AC + DC sourcing and measurement system that utilizes remote analog modules for optimum sensitivity and noise rejection to accurately characterize samples. For details about the solution, visit our M81 webpage

Presenters from Lake Shore Cryotronics:

  • David Daughton, PhD,  Applications Scientist
  • Houston Fortney, Development Engineer

Webinar New Source Measure for Semiconductor Characterization