Cryogenic Probe Stations

crx-vf probe station web
Versatile cryogenic probe stations for on-wafer DC, RF, or microwave measurements at temperatures as low as 1.6 K under vacuum and in fields up to 2 T. Models include liquid cryogen stations; cryogen-free, closed-cycle refrigerator stations; and an affordable tabletop station capable of supporting a wide variety of device measurements. Stations can be ordered with up to 6 probe arms.

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Janis CCR probe station
Cryogenic and vacuum probe platforms for wafer and device testing at temperatures as low as ~3.5 K and in fields as high as 5 T. Available with DC, RF, microwave, or fiber optic probes, models include stations cooled by liquid helium, an integrated cryocooler, or an external cryocooler (for nm-level sample stage vibration). Configurable up to seven probe arms on flow stations and up to eight arms on CCR stations.

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