MeasureLINK™-MCS Software

MeasureLINK-MCS software (ML-MCS) is a simple yet powerful tool that allows scientists to implement open-ended measurement systems from a set of common instrumentation components. It combines drivers for Lake Shore and third-party instruments, measurement procedures, and data visualization elements so you can quickly validate a data set for export to an analysis tool (Mathcad, Mathematica, etc.)

ML-MCS is a one-time purchase and includes both built-in scripts and functions that you can use to build your experiment sequence, as well as a custom scripting option. The license can be used on up to 5 PCs.Use ML-MCS with any of our application packs for expanded functionality. (The QD-MultiVu pack requires the additional purchase of the ML-AP-MULTIVU extension.)

ML-AP-MULTIVU is an additional purchase that enables ML-MCS to use the QD-MultiVu application pack in order to coordinate the MultiVu™ software of a Quantum Design PPMS.

ML-MCS version: 2.7
Publisher: Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.

Supported operating systems: Windows 10 and newer
Supported Lake Shore instruments: M81-SSM, M91, F71/41, 155, 336, 335, 372, 625, dual 625, HVPS, 643, 648 HVPS, EMP-CCR closed-cycle refrigerator
Supported third-party instruments: KI2182/2182A, KI 2400, KI 6220/6221, KI 6487, permanent magnet driver, QD MultiVu connection

ML-MCS Software Manual

ML-MCS Release Notes

If you want to communicate with a Lake Shore 240 module, there is a different MeasureLINK software for that. Download the MeasureLINK for 240 software package.