Webinar: A new method for multi-carrier Hall analysis of low-mobility materials

The Hall effect is the primary method to measure carrier density, mobility, and carrier type of materials. In some materials, more than one carrier can exist in the sample. This recording of a Lake Shore Cryotronics webinar hosted by the Materials Research Society (MRS) explores the application of a novel Hall measurement protocol, one based on the reverse-field reciprocity theorem, AC current, and variable field for obtaining Hall data for multi-carrier analysis of such materials, including those with low mobilities. It details how this method allows for more precise characterization of certain multi-carrier semiconductor devices and at faster speeds when compared with traditional AC and DC field Hall techniques. For more information about the technology discussed in the webinar, visit our M91 FastHall™ measurement controller page.

Jeffrey Lindemuth, PhD, Senior Scientist, Lake Shore Cryotronics
Gopal Rao, Editor, MRS Bulletin, Materials Research Society