Download our paper showing new gamma radiation test data

Exposing cryogenic thermometry to high levels of gamma radiation is a concern in high-energy physics and space applications. Sensors are invariably irradiated, and the accumulated dose over the lifetime of a particle accelerator or space mission can be considerable. For this reason, sensors should possess radiation hardness for dose levels expected in these applications.

In this paper, Dr. Scott Courts of Lake Shore Cryotronics:

  • Discusses the effects of such radiation on Cernox® CX-1050-SD-HT and CX-1080-SD-HT samples
  • Presents data on gamma radiation-induced calibration offsets as a function of both temperature and irradiation level
  • Provides test results of samples subjected to doses from 10 kGy to 5,000 kGy.

Download the paper containing high gamma radiation test data now.

Download High Level Gamma Radiation Effects on CxRT Sensors


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